Topical Antiseptic Gel Alcohol Base 75% (Colors) (MEX)
Topical Antiseptic Gel Alcohol Base 75% (Colors) (MEX)

Topical Antiseptic Gel Alcohol Base 75% (Colors) (MEX)

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The topical antiseptic gel with Alcohol Base 75% with aroma has the same properties as the antiseptic gel but has as an addition a special aroma that will make your hands look good and smell very nice.

Delli Clean Topical Antiseptic Hand Gel was designed to protect the user against various bacteria, viruses and fungi. The scented topical antiseptic gel is for hands and is perfect for disinfecting before or after handling objects or being in contact with other people.

Thanks to the fact that it is sanitizing, in addition to protecting, it also cares for the skin without drying it out or overhydrating it.

When access to hand washing is not available, antibacterial alcohol gel scented works excellently by providing:

  • Protection
  • Freshness
  • Nice smell

This gel topical antiseptic It has an antimicrobial function and acts almost instantly while protecting and leaving a refreshing sensation on the skin of the hands.

Delli Clean has created the Gel topical antiseptic with the following aromas:

  • Bubble gum
  • Blackberry
  • Cherry

This product is intended for daily use.

Delli Clean products have the required certifications and the gel topical antiseptic with aroma meets the standards that the SSA requires in Mexico to be considered an aseptic agent.


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Pleasant scent with the right amount of alcohol to keep your skin hydrated and protected against external agents.

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