Antibacterial Gel 70% Alcohol 50ML (USA)

Antibacterial Gel 70% Alcohol 50ML (USA)

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The gel antibacterial It is an antiseptic gel whose main base is alcohol. It is specially designed as an antiseptic for the hands and is perfect for disinfecting both the hands and the forearms without the need to resort to soap and water at times when it is not possible.

The antimicrobial action provided by the gel antibacterial It works almost instantly and while protecting, it leaves a refreshing sensation on the skin of the hands. The gel antibacterial it works by exerting an antimicrobial action by denaturing proteins.

Although it is indicated for the hands, it can also be applied very carefully to other parts of the body to protect them, but it is important NOT to apply the product to the eyes or mucous membranes as it can cause irritation.

Delli Clean products are very effective, which is why the antibacterial gel works very well against different bacteria, viruses and fungi. In addition, because it is a sanitizer, it is designed to protect you while taking care of your skin.

This product is for daily use and meets the standards that the SSA requires in Mexico so that alcohol antibacterial can be considered as an aseptic agent. 

How to apply: Place a little of the product on the skin of the hands and rub until it evaporates completely. For added protection against bacteria, do not rinse.


  • Eliminates Germs and Bacteria, protecting from possible infections of VIRUSES AND DISEASES
  • Kills Up to 99% of Germs



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