5 reasons to wash your hands daily

5 Razones para lavarte las manos a diario

We have heard it many times, a message that does not stop repeating itself to children, adolescents and adults: handwashing. It is not just a simple custom that we should teach, but it can actually save many lives. If you still do not know why it is so important to wash your hands, we explain the most important reasons.

Maintain good hygiene

One of the main reasons and where the others converge. It is important to maintain good hygiene and this is the result of healthy habits, such as washing your hands to

daily. Having good hygiene says a lot about our daily life and it is not an aspect of minor importance.to.

By making frequent hand washing a habit, we will see a change in how other people perceive us and also in how we perceive ourselves.

Eliminate dirt and bad odors

While it sounds a bit redundant, washing your hands helps remove dirt, even those that we don't see with our eyes. By doing this we also eliminate the bad odors that we could have had. It is refreshing to feel the pleasant smell of soap after washing our hands and see them completely clean.

lavarse las manos es importante

Protect yourself from infectious diseases

During our day to day we go through many places and for this reason we drag a little of everything with which we have interacted. In many cases we may have touched things that can be harmful to our health, such as microbes or bacteria.

Washing your hands is undoubtedly the most effective way to protect ourselves from many diseases. From a common cold or cold to more serious illnesses, as the meningitis, the bronchiolitis, the flu, the Hepatitis A, and many kinds of diarrhea.

Avoid spreading germs to food and other objects

Something that happens often and we do not realize is that by touching food and other objects with dirty hands we are contaminating them, leaving microbes and bacteria with which we have come into contact.

It is extremely important to wash our hands well before eating or handling food.. So it is also a good idea to get used to washing ourselves often, in this way we will be avoiding leaving microbes in the places we pass through.

Prevent the development of resistance to antibiotics

Those who have good hygiene and wash their hands several times during the day have been shown to have less resistance to antibiotics. This happens thanks to the fact that by keeping our hands clean and free of bacteria we help our immune system to work more efficiently.